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The Catherine Bergen Story

 The Catherine Bergen Story of Cate & Co.

Five years ago when I opened  CCasaLogo, Cate & Co’s sister restaurant, my vision was to create delicious fresh innovative tacos with white corn tortillas made to order, and a variety of seasonal salads. About three months into it, customers were thanking me for opening a gluten free restaurant. I told them I did not know what gluten was and wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. For customers that were gluten sensitive, it turned out to be a very good thing, and for others that weren’t concerned about gluten, they loved our food anyway.

Customers were asking for desserts and so I started my quest to make gluten free sweets and desserts. For the next three years we tested all kinds of pastries and desserts on the front counter at C CASA. Our sin-a-bun quickly became a local favorite breakfast treat and people loved them whether they were gluten free or not. Then customers were asking if we made gluten free breads and crackers, etc., things more on the savory side. Sure why not, let’s see how far we can take this. So in June of 2013, we started our research and began developing breads, hamburger buns, dinner rolls, crostinis and holiday pies, etc.

In November 2013 we opened our pop up store for the holidays to see if there was a market for what we had created. People lined up and again people were thanking us. So two months later we built out a small space in the Oxbow Public market right down the aisle from C CASA and opened Cate & Co. Again the same mantra: Delicious, nutritious, hand crafted, sustainable and gluten free. We expanded the menu to include sandwiches, quiche, tartines, breads, rolls, truffled potato chips, salads and desserts all made in a dedicated gluten free kitchen and made fresh every day.

Sadly, we lost our dedicated gluten-free kitchen in April of 2016 and had to close our Cate & Co. Bakeshop & Cafe at Oxbow Public Market. We are in a new kitchen and have set up a Cate & Co. Corner kiosk at Oxbow Public Market right next to C CASA. In addition, you can find us at Farmer’s Markets and of course here, through our online Bakeshop.

We hope you love our baked goods, whether you are watching your gluten or not!

Catherine Bergen


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